About Us

Get Smart Education is a Sydney based boutique education company founded with the purpose of helping students to maximise the outcomes of their Year 12 HSC and VCE examinations.

As well as publishing a collection of helpful HSC and VCE texts, we host workshops, seminars and lectures giving students and teachers better understanding of HSC and VCE requirements.

For teachers:

Get Smart Education gives you the information boost you need to interpret and teach the NSW and VCE syllabus for better results

For students:

Equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding at a deeper level and empower yourself to reach your academic goals

For parents:

Extracurricular learning supports your child through their studies, providing your child with a confidence boost and helping them to reach their potential.

Our Team


David Broadbridge

David’s depth of knowledge in Business Studies for the NSW syllabus is unrivalled.

As well as holding a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and a Diploma in Education from the University of New England, David is the author of the very popular Qantas Case Study that acts as a highly helpful supporting text for HSC level business students. This text in its 20th Edition has sold over 50000 copies. David has just co-written new textbooks HSC BS101, Preliminary BS 101 and Commerce 101. Which systematically follows the NSW Syllabus.

In his previous role as Head of Business at Pymble Ladies College, David’s students were consistently ranked top in NSW, with 45% of his students scoring Band 6 in the HSC.

By running teacher workshops and lecturing students directly, David has been able to help countless NSW students to ace the HSC and get into their desired university course.

Ken Webb

Ken Webb’s depth and knowledge in the subject of history is very well known.

Educated in the UK and graduating from the prestigious Oxford University, Ken has taught some of NSW’s top students across a number of independent institutions.

Recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching Award, Ken has written extensively on many aspects of Modern, Ancient and Extension History courses as well as for the National Curriculum in History.

Ken’s lectures and workshops enable Year 12 students and teachers to achieve excellence in HSC History.

Warren Dobes 

Educated in South Africa Warren graduated from the University of Natal with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and Taxation as well as a  Diploma in Education majoring in Business and Accounting. Warren has taught extensively in leading independent schools in South Africa and Australia and currently teaches at Shore. His students are consistently ranked top in NSW with 73% of his students scoring a Band 6 in the 2019 HSC.