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The Essential Guide to
Life Beyond School

Get Smart for Life serves as the indispensable handbook for navigating life beyond school.

A trusted resource for young individuals, it equips them with the tools to seamlessly transition to the next stage of their lives.

Leverage this guide to sidestep financial pitfalls, alleviate unnecessary stress, foster independence, strategically plan for the future, and make choices that enhance the overall quality of life.

All this valuable content is accessible at an affordable price of just $10 for bulk copies.

School Gift for Year
12 Leavers

Used in School Pastoral
Care Programs

A Comprehensive Guide for School Leavers

Covers everything from:

  • Renting your first property
  • Government support for young people
  • Avoiding scams
  • Borrowing money
  • Starting an emergency fund
  • Higher Education fees
  • Income tax
The 19 chapters provide a thorough exploration of essential topics and provides a roadmap for making sound life choices.

Perfect Graduation Gift