How to Download Your e-Book

This e-Book version gives the purchaser access to the digital version for 365 days from the time of payment.

Please use the following steps if you are experiencing difficulties in accessing your eBooks:

  • The file needs to be opened in Adobe Digital Editions:
  • The user needs to authorize the Adobe App with their Adobe account.
  • When the user opens the book they either link the book with their Adobe account ( sign up here or their computer. They will then only be able to open the book in apps that are signed into that account for the account option OR on that computer for the computer option.
  • The full book is downloaded by the app when it’s authorised.
  • To open the books in the iOS app  – authorise it for their Adobe account on the Desktop app first, then they need to sign into their Adobe account in the iOS app. Their authorised books will then sync to the iOS app (or just copy the file)