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Qantas HSC
Business Case Study.

sold over 70,000 copies

Presented by best selling author and Qantas expert David Broadbridge.

Available in Sydney and regional NSW as a 1-2 hour session, flexible to fit your timetabling needs.

Face to Face and Online Available

Schools hosting the Qantas Case Study presentation have witnessed a phenomenal boost in their HSC Business Studies results.

Join in to receive informative and structured content intricately woven into the NSW syllabus.

Experience an engaging session led by a dynamic presenter skilled at connecting with students and capturing their attention.
Gain strategies for acing the HSC exam and insider tips on tackling questions, complemented by a comprehensive handout.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Qantas presentation for my school?
Please email Dave at with your preferred dates and times.
What is the cost of a Qantas student presentation?
Presentation costs vary based on whether it's live or streamed, the number of students, the length of the presentation, and any travel requirements. Please email Dave at with these details, and he will provide you with a quote.
Which is better, an in-person presentation or a streamed one?
An in-person presentation is preferable because it's more engaging and facilitates easier interaction with the audience for questions and responses. However, streamed lectures have their place; they are more cost-effective (no travel expenses), making them suitable for smaller groups and regional schools. Additionally, sessions can be recorded, preventing exclusion of students who cannot view in real-time.
What is the ideal length for a Qantas presentation?
The ideal length ranges from 1 to 2 hours, often depending on timetabling requirements. I find 1.5 hours to be optimal, while the recommended duration for a virtual presentation is 1 hour.
Does the presentation include a handout?
The presentation includes a comprehensive handout. Students do not need to take notes during the presentation; they can simply concentrate on listening.
What IT resources do I need to organise for the presentation?
For an in-person presentation, I need access to a data projector. For a virtual one, the school needs access to Zoom teleconferencing software.

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